What level of formal education or training does a student need prior to acceptance into the program to ensure successful completion?

A student needs a high school diploma or equivalent to be accepted in the program offered at PWC.

What experience, aptitude or expertise would a student need? How much?

A student does not require any prior experience to be accepted in a program at PWC. All he or she needs a high school diploma or equivalent and a willingness to learn attitude.

Are tests required for admission?

Yes, a student is required to sit for a quick Wonderlic Scholastic aptitude test and pass it prior to enroll into any program offered at PWC.

I have question about the programs of PWC, who should I contact?

Please contact our admission office at admissions.pwcollege@gmail.com or 1-403-454-0948. If you need further clarification, our program director will be happy to answer your question.

I have questions about my tuition fees and grants, who do I contact?

Please contact our admission office at admissions.pwcollege@gmail.com or 1-403-454-0948. Our admission manger will be happy to address your question or concern.

How do I know about the class schedule?

All new students will be notified about the class schedule at the orientation program and all existing students will be sent emails about class schedule with zoom link.

Who should I contact if I struggle with classes?

Please contact your class teacher first if you are struggling with academic content. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact director of academic affairs at 1-403-454-0948.

What if I fail in course, what should I do?

Failure is not an option and therefore a student must pass all the courses of a program in order to be graduated. If you fail in one course you have repeat the course and pass it.

Can I be absent from a class for a valid reason?

Class attendance is very important for a student to be successful in his/her program. We do not encourage students to miss any class. However, for any valid reason such as sickness or any personal or family issue a student is allowed to take a leave of absence but a student must inform this to his class teacher prior to take the leave. Any students missing 5 consecutive class will be subject to dismissal from the college automatically.

Where do I find the latest updates from the college?

You can find the latest updates and messages from the College on our College even webpage.

What are classroom guidelines?

You can visit our new classroom guidelines and policies webpage to learn more.

What activities can students do?

We have various activities and celebrations such as student of the month, Halloween, Christmas, summer picnic, excursion throughout the year. But due to pandemic these in person activities are postponed. Very soon we are going to introduce online student recognition program.

I need extra help for my lesson, who do I contact?

Please contact your class teacher and book an appointment for any extra help.

I need help with online classes, what are resources do I need?

You need good internet connection and a good laptop and basic knowledge of computer.

What is the visa process for International students?

Please visit our internation admission section.