Privacy & Policy

Privacy Policy:

At PWC we are bound by federal laws when comes protecting the private information of our students and graduates. We are vigilant and caring to protect personal information of our students and graduates and determined in safeguarding those sensitive information.  Under no circumstances PWC will disclose a student’s private information without a prior written consent of the student.

Photographic and Media Consent Policy:

PWC will not seek student consents when comes collecting and using student’s personal images by photography or video recording for use in PWC newsletters, brochures, publications and on the PWC website for promotional purpose. If there is an objection to it a student must submit a written statement mentioning not to use his/her personal image for any PWC promotional activities. Under this circumstance PWC will not be using student’s image.

Student’s Rights:  

At PWC Students have the following rights

  • Be heard
  • Contest allegations of academic misconduct
  • Be advised of all evidence collected by the instructor and witnesses
  • Submit evidence and bring forth witnesses with direct knowledge of the case
  • Decline or refuse to respond to questioning or to make a statement
  • Be free of the assumption of “in violation” because of declining or refusing to speak
  • Decline to appear at the hearing, which will be heard in the student’s absence
  • Bring a person of support to the hearing
  • Be allowed to admit responsibility for all allegations