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Accounting and Payroll Administration

Accounting and Payroll Administration Diploma


With the rapid advancement in technology in a continuous changing global business world the demand
for accounting professionals will never diminish rather it will continuously evolve as per needs.
Accountant vis-e-vis payroll administrators are needed in every business industry whether it is a defense,
healthcare or a manufacturing industry; whether it is in home or abroad; or even in the public or in private
sector. That is why it is being said that, “Society needs an accountant even at the funeral to count the

The Accounting and Payroll Administration at Prairie Western College is designed to address the needs of
accounting professionals of all industries of 21st century. The goal is to prepare and develop students with
the required accounting and payroll administration knowledge, skill sets and technological know-how to
address 21st century workplace challenges of any industry be in corporate or small business setting. Apart
from core component of Accounting & Payroll Administration program students of this program will also
be exposed to other aspect of business discipline notably human resources, management and business
communication to become a better employee who can effectively contribute in a team-work setting.
Towards the end of the program, students will be able test their knowledge and skill sets either in an
external corporate setting or in an in-house simulated corporate setting.