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Business Administration (1 and 2 year) Diploma

Business Administration is the largest discipline of all the areas of business services academia. Its presence is visible in every sector of an economy be it defense, healthcare, food services, retail, agriculture, forestry or mining industry. Everyone needs business admin graduates to run their business. Therefore, there is always a demand and there will always be a demand for business admin graduates in any economy in today’s global business world. Careers in accounting, marketing, advertising, sales, financial services, human resource management, small business management, and other business environments are among the options available after graduation. Average business administration graduate salary in Canada is 44,846 per year and experienced workers make up to $76,238 per year as per different online surveys. Based on students’ different objective, we offer both one and two-year diploma course


Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion, a graduate of this program would be eligible for job oppertunities in positions like Banking, insurance and other financial clerks, Administrative Services Manager, Accounts Receivable Administrator, Cost Administrator, , Customer Service Representative.


Salary Information